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The Town of Williston is requesting proposals for consultant services to develop contract plans, bid documents, specifications and construction cost estimates, and provide design engineering services during construction of a 290A foot bituminous concrete path along Route 2A in front of Bank North.
The basic types of on-grade pavements are rigid, Portland cement concrete and flexible, bituminous concrete.
Unit prices for common excavation, bituminous concrete, and reinforcing steel decreased, while unit prices for portland cement concrete, structural steel, and structural concrete increased.
Increases in the unit prices for common excavation, bituminous concrete, structural steel and structural concrete resulted in an overall increase in the index for the third quarter.
Tenders are invited for Annual Bituminous Concrete & Portland Cement As Needed Repair Services for Sidewalks & Roadways
The index was raised in the second quarter because of increases in the unit prices for bituminous concrete, reinforcing steel, common excavation, portland cement concrete, and structural concrete.
There was a decrease in the unit price for bituminous concrete.
030 km) by way of providing and laying GSB, Dense Graded Bituminous Macadam (BM) , Bituminous Concrete (BC), Maintenance of Earthen Shoulders, Thermoplastic Paint etc.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying 25 mm semi dense bituminous concrete over 50 mm thick bituminous macadam paver finishing with hot mix plant including priming tack coat including cost of bitumen on following roads.
Tenders are invited for Airside Bituminous Concrete Pavement Repair, National Airport