black birch

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white birch

white birch

Trees have paper-like bark. Snapped twigs have wintergreen aroma. Bark and twig tea used for lung problems, sore muscles, joint pain, skin fungus, cracked heels, bladder and urinary issues, stomach aches, laxative, diuretic, colds, fever, rheumatism, diarrhea, tumors, cancer, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, skin cancer. Birch tea has been historically used in enemas. Worm-like flowers (catkins) also edible.
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The twig of the black birch, which tastes like spearmint is used in muscles to relieve pain.
This indenture into State Game Land 235 is forested with red maple, black birch, white pine, chestnut oak and hemlock with an understory of witch hazel and mountain laurel.
North American river or black birch, shaggy looking with crackly dark brown bark, thrives in wet areas.
Hawthorne: A credenza, sideboard or console, this stunning piece featuring Black Birch veneer and stainless steel designer hardware instantly converts into a state of the art laptop station.
July 19 -- JAM Fund Grand Fondo, Black Birch Vineyard, 155 Glendale Road, Southampton.
The slag now sports red maple and black birch, as well as sumac, Joe Pye weed, and blackberry.