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leaves, they are very toxic. White flowers are in vertical bananashaped clusters. Making tea from inner bark treats diarrhea. A very popular common medicinal plant used to treat everything from indigestion to sore throat gargle. Lots of antioxidants and anthocyanins. Do not confuse with Buckthorn which has 2 seeds in the fruit and curved veins in the leaf (cherry leaf veins are straight). Also do not confuse with poisonous Cherry Laurel, which has hard blueblack fruit. Chokecherries are very tart. Chokecherry bark and roots used medicinally by knowledgable natives for sedative, cough, tuberculosis, malaria, stomach ache, worms, respiratory, astringent. Again- do not use bark, leaves and seeds from any Prunus species (plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds) unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Only use the fruit! CHERRY- PIN CHERRIES, (Prunus avium) WILD CHERRIES, (Prunus serotina) All cherries are very high in quercitin (pin cherries are highest), which helps your body be resistant to pain. University studies have taken pin cherry extract and applied it to tumors, and many of the tumors fell off. Cherries are high in vitamin A, iron, lycopene. laxative, stimulates internal organs, prevents tooth decay, cavities, good for prostate, lots of antioxidants, anti-aging. The cherries are edible, but the leaves, bark and pits are poisonous. (cyanide)
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This earthy merlot from the Rapel Valley is complex and intense with a dark black cherry flavor.
Dark purple in color, with a bouquet that displays an earthy frame to aromas of baked cherry, cranberry and spice and a touch of mint; explosive on the palate, with rich, ripe flavors of black cherry, plum, cassis, cocoa and the lightest touch of cinnamon; ample tannin, good acidity, beautiful balance and a long, luscious finish wrap things up beautifully.
Herbal and tobacco notes intermixed in rich black cherry and blackberry fruit aromas; full-bodied on the palate with rich fruit flavors and hints of pepper toward the close; relatively high acid notes and noted tannin on the long close; good wine for beef or game.
The bouquet is a bit subdued, but hints at a lovely array of ripe red berry, black cherry and currant aromas lightly framed with mild oak.
Additional research indicates that the density and distribution of black cherry trees is significantly greater in European forests than in U.
Recipe Black cherry tiramisu (serves six) INGREDIENTS: Five free-range egg yolks, 100g sugar, one vanilla pod, split, seeds scraped out, 500g mascarpone, 200ml espresso-strength coffee, 100ml Marsala wine, 24 ready-made sponge fingers, 225g black cherries from a can or jar, drained slightly, cocoa powder METHOD: Place yolks, sugar and vanilla seeds into a bowl and whisk until pale and light.
For the black cherry sauce: In saucepan, heat oil and saute shallots
This long, smooth, everyday red has attractive black cherry aromas leading to rounded plumstone flavours yet avoids excessive acidity or tannin that can sometimes spoil wine as young as this.
Red-shouldered Hawks in both study areas used black cherry (Prunus serotina) branches as a nest lining more frequently than expected (Table 1).
In this project we investigated the impact of alternative dry kiln schedules on the grade yields and defect occurrence in lumber sawn from small- diameter (logs with small-end diameters of 11 inches or less) black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.
Scone fans flock to the store to sample varieties including chilli, Turkish delight and ginger and pineapple, ham, leek, garlic, rhubarb & custard, plum, black cherry & white chocolate, coffee & walnut, and even Turkish delight.
The Catering Product of the Year award was shared by Black Cherry, Chocolate & Amaretto Trifle, produced by D.