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black humor,

in literature, drama, and film, grotesque or morbid humor used to express the absurdity, insensitivity, paradox, and cruelty of the modern world. Ordinary characters or situations are usually exaggerated far beyond the limits of normal satire or irony. Black humor uses devices often associated with tragedy and is sometimes equated with tragic farce. For example, Stanley Kubrick's film Dr. Strangelove; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1963) is a terrifying comic treatment of the circumstances surrounding the dropping of an atom bomb, while Jules Feiffer's comedy Little Murders (1965) is a delineation of the horrors of modern urban life, focusing particularly on random assassinations. The novels of such writers as Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Joseph Heller, and Philip Roth contain elements of black humor.
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"The best American black comedy I have ever read and directed," says director Jasmin Neuschaefer of this production.
No Surrender never quite knows what it wants to be, with elements of farce, black comedy and even pure drama all taking their turn but I couldn't help forgiving its faults and enjoying a rather glorious, colourful 'failure'.
The screenwriters struggle to strike the right tone and the mix of black comedy and tragedy isn't so much bad taste as completely tasteless.
Foul-mouthed and gleefully violent, Perrier's Bounty is an edgy black comedy about one man's turbulent journey through the lawless streets of Dublin.
Director Jean Luc Godard's black comedy "WeekEnd" will screen at 7 p.m.
Black comedians on Black comedy; how African-Americans taught us how to laugh.
Author Max Barry has crafted a wonderfully funny black comedy about the cut-throat world of corporate management that is the stuff of white-collar nightmares and big box office movies.
Underrated sex symbol Peter Paige of Queer as Folk wrote, directed, and stars in this black comedy about a naive gay man who hangs out in playgrounds too much after his favorite nephew leaves town.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (15) Crook (Robert Downey Jr) and gay private eye (Val Kilmer) in slick black comedy.
A black comedy by Canadian writer Rick Bland (left) the show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003 and has just returned from a sell-out run at the New York Fringe Festival 2005 where Rick won the Fringe Award for Outstanding Actor.
301/302 (Koch Lorber): This Korean black comedy thriller about two women, two apartments and one shocking mystery takes a stab at the isolation caused by unreal beauty standards.