black earth

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black earth:

see chernozemchernozem
or black earth,
variety of soil rich in organic matter in the form of humus. It is generally a modified type of loess. True chernozem is black in color, but there are various grades, shading off into gray and chestnut-brown soils.
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About Taliah Waajid In 1996, helped define the natural hair care industry with the launch of her first collection, Black Earth Products(TM).
Radio Lifeline's Black Earth Project is testing the viability of biochar as a soil supplement for coffee farmers in Rwanda.
This research considers the Central Black Earth region (CBER), located in the area of moderate continental climate.
At home, Dad would get out a small rototiller to churn up the beds around the house, stirring up the smell of the black earth and avoiding the peony shoots, while I helped Mum with the fun part of planting.
A mechanical digger is hard at work, building a deep and wide trench into the black earth - one that tracked military vehicles could not pass - and look as if it has just recently been started.
Winding down the Stikine River, enclosed on both sides by black earth canyon and yellow brush, feels peaceful.
Mark's Poetry Project, and is a senior fellow at the Black Earth Institute.
As the graphics show, Russian wheat prices have closed the gap on Paris wheat futures, helping farming enterprises like Stockholm-listed Black Earth Farming (BEF) turn a decent profit after years of pain.
With its rich black earth and bountiful supplies of grain, Ukraine was once known as the "breadbasket of Europe", reads the article by Roman Olearchyk in the Financial Times.
Black Earth Farming Reports 1H12 Financials a Marginally Positive