black ebony

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Wood of a number of tropical species usually distinguished by its dark color, durability, and hardness; used for carving, ornamental cabinetwork, etc.
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There is also a small grouping of black ebony wood pieces that are molded and sculpted in coupe shapes.
"The Everly Brothers, with their famous black ebony guitars were the real legends.
The watches come in four types of wood; Maple, black Ebony, a brown "Red Wing Celtis" wood (which is salvaged wood from flooring material waste), and an army green "Guaiaco" wood from South America that is most known for its use in herbal remedies.
This is a stunning, highspecification, lowmileage Discovery in Izmir Blue with a Black Ebony leather interior.
It's made out of everything from camel's teeth and clay beads to silver, copper and deepest black ebony wood.