black lung

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black lung:

see pneumoconiosispneumoconiosis
, chronic disease of the lungs. Primarily an occupational disease of miners, sandblasters, and metal grinders, it is a result of repeated inhalation of dusts, including iron oxides (e.g., rust and filings), silicates (e.g.
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Larissa Waters, an Australian senator who made history earlier this year in May when she brought her second daughter to the federal parliament and breastfed her, did it once again on Wednesday, making headlines this time by feeding her 14-week-old baby, Alia Joy while moving a motion on black lung disease in the chamber.
The legislation also reestablishes protections in Social Security and other benefit programs, such as Railroad Retirement and Black Lung Benefits that mainly effect coal miners.
He was known throughout the medical community for his work in pulmonary and critical care medicine, treating hundreds of black lung patients in the Appalachians.
In the early 1970s, coal workers' pneumoconiosis, or black lung, affected around one-third of long-term underground miners.
SyDNEY (CyHAN)- Australian coal miners have walked off the job on Queensland mines as fears over the resurgent "black lung" disease, 30 years after it was supposedly eradicated.
Rasmussen's work with coal miners led to research that helped recognize pneumoconiosis, more commonly known as black lung disease, as an occupational health illness.
VCLF/ERP is assuming liabilities in excess of USD400m in connection with Patriot's workers' compensation, state black lung and environmental obligations.
"Cigaretting gives people a black lung, Mummy," she said.
He spelled out pneumoconiosis, the medical term for black lung disease.