black lung

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black lung:

see pneumoconiosispneumoconiosis
, chronic disease of the lungs. Primarily an occupational disease of miners, sandblasters, and metal grinders, it is a result of repeated inhalation of dusts, including iron oxides (e.g., rust and filings), silicates (e.g.
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There has been a myth out there that black lung doesn't occur anymore, because the mines are more automated and less dusty.
GAO found that coal miners face a number of challenges pursuing federal black lung claims, including finding legal representation and developing sound medical evidence to support their claims.
Efforts should focus on the appropriate quality treatment and educating blacks on the value of having these treatments to reduce these disparities in receipt of treatment for non-small cell lung cancer," write the authors, adding that only then will black lung cancer patients experience similar survival rates and quality of life as white patients.
There are coal miners who get payoffs for how much black lung they contract, and they are proud of collecting those payments.
The Black Lung Benefits Act provides for workers' compensation for miners suffering from black lung.
FASAB standards require the financial statements of the federal agencies responsible for the Social Security, Medicare, Railroad Retirement, and Black Lung programs and the financial statements of the federal government-wide entity to present a statement of social insurance as a basic financial statement.
In the case, a miner making a claim of black lung disease to the Department of Labor found that some of the information on official agency documents, which included the claimant's Social Security number, was revealed to the public.
The ED proposes requiring disclosure of significant assumptions underlying the "statement of social insurance," which--for federal government entities administering a social insurance program--reports the net present value of long-term cash-flow forecasts of taxes and benefits relating to the Social Security, Medicare, Black Lung and Railroad Retirement Board program.
Ausman notes that most particulate inhalation problems, such as black lung or silicosis is transformed by rampaging nanobots into "gray goo.
Giovanni lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, an area with a long history of coal mining, "because the miners have a lot of black lung and that kind of thing.
The settlement is expected to affect other lawsuits involving miners and tunnel workers who contracted pneumoconiosis, also called black lung disease.
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