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While bemoaning their lack of power to catch the really big fish, especially zaibatsu firms, many police made their living by extorting "exemptions" from black marketeers in return for looking the other way.
With no war to fight, Ray makes the monotonous days go quicker by acting as a drug dealer, black marketeer and all-round party provider to his apathetic army pals.
An evil black marketeer in rare animals tries to kidnap Joe but leggy Charlize helps him to leg it after a road accident in downtown LA.
20pm) Wildlife protection agent Richard Chamberlain falls for Karen Allen, sister of a black marketeer he must arrest.
The tale then digresses to focus on motorcycle courier Mardar (Jia Hongsheng), who is enlisted by a black marketeer in vodka to transport the man's teenage daughter, Moudan (also played by Zhou), across town each day to her aunt while he entertains his floozies.
This grasping black marketeer couldn't care less that his activities are jeopardising security for the Euro '96 soccer finals.
Alan Arkin makes a fair stab at bombed-out bombardier Yossarian, Richard Benjamin is a supremely supercilious Major Danby and Jon Voight is black marketeer Milo Minderbinder.
They teamed up to get the better of black marketeer baddies, but there was also a romantic sub-plot.
Summary: The drama, partly shot in Dubai, also takes in cybercriminals in India, black marketeers in Zagreb, druglords in Colombia
Khan argues that to keep our priorities straight we need to recognize how the unscrupulous, from black marketeers to politicians, exploit outbreaks as opportunities for advancement; addressing that issue is an essential part of fighting the disease.
Ostensibly a recently recovered and just-dubbed-into-English program from Nicolae Ceausescu's brutal fiefdom but in reality an Amazon Original production shot on location last year with leading Romanian actors, Comrade Detective follows Bucharest cops Gregor Anghel (voiced by Channing Tatum) and losif Baciu (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as they track down the killer of their mutual friend and former partner, search for an elusive murderer in a Ronald Reagan mask, and bust black marketeers giving away Jordache jeans (pronounced "Jor-dah-kee") to stoke insatiable Western-style materialism among Romanians.
But Chung-Seong struggled to survive on his pay and turned to selling any small bits of copper cabling he could find to black marketeers.