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a coniferous evergreen tree of New Zealand, Podocarpus spicatus, having a bluish bark and small linear leaves arranged in two rows: timber used for flooring and weatherboards



an urban-type settlement in Burliutobinskii Raion, Taldy-Kurgan Oblast, Kazakh SSR. It is located on the Aksu River (Lake Balkhash basin). Population, 6,600 (1970). It has a railroad station on the Alma-Ata-Semipalatinsk line. Matai has enterprises connected with railroad transport.

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As shown by the dendrogram analysis (Figure 2), two main clusters emerged (A and B), corresponding to the segregation of the two main vegetation units compared in this work, where Spanish black pine and Scots pine forests in the Gredos range were separated.
The trees that Otomo was referring to are black pines.
The black pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi) is a colubrid snake that is historically endemic to longleaf pine forests, ranging from southwestern Alabama to extreme eastern Louisiana.
The Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergiana) also was easily propagated.
Prior to joining Nevada Goldfields, he was Manager of Exploration for Western United States for Noranda Exploration, and was involved in the exploration and development of the Black Pine Gold Mine in Idaho and the acquisition and discovery of the New World gold deposit in Montana, both of which contained over one million ounces of gold.
Each of the three large bedrooms, with their open ceilings and exposed black pine king beams, is en-suite and the bathrooms feature walk-in showers, designer taps and sinks, and in the master bath a huge bath tub.
The image, which is valued at pounds 400-pounds 600, shows Tolkien in the Oxford Botanical Gardens leaning against his favourite tree, a black pine that he had named Laocoon.
There are azaleas, Indian hawthorn, heavenly bamboo, sweet gum trees and Japanese black pine, among some 50 varieties of shrubs and trees.
military forces stationed in the area joined city officials to plant 20,000 black pine, sylvester pine, and black locust.
At Black Pine, 87,883 ounces of gold were produced, exceeding the Company's expectations for the year, while Beal Mountain recovered 45,067 ounces in 1996.