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After harvesting the seven tonnes of the produce, he feeds the green fibrous part and produce considered rejects to his two three Friesian cows.Powdery mildew, black root rot and bacteria wilt are some of the diseases that affect carrots.
Similar host plant resistance research into Black root rot, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, whitefly and two spotted mites are also under development.
The severity of tobacco black root rot was reduced when soil was amended with phloroglucinol (Keel et al., 1992).
Pseudomonas as antagonists of plant pathogens in the rhizosphere, role of the antibiotic 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol in the suppression of black root rot of tobacco.
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R bunodes causes black root rot mainly in tropical woody hosts.
But tests have shown that planting strawberries in these flexible tubes significantly reduced incidence of black root rot and increased yields 16- to 32-fold.
Soil quality indicators monitored were aggregate stability (dispersion index), compaction (air-filled porosity), soil resilience to structural destruction (as geometric mean diameter of soil aggregates formed after puddling and drying of soil), exchangeable cations, calcium carbonate, nitrate-N, pH, organic C, development of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM), and incidence of cotton root diseases (black root rot).
isolates of antagonistic fungi on the control of chickpea black root rot caused by Fusarium solani under greenhouse conditions.
Additional keywords: cracking clay, minimum tillage, soil organic C, farming system, mychorrhiza, black root rot, long-fallow disorder.