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Although black silicon has long been known to absorb visible light, Jiang and colleagues were the first to see the material's potential for trapping infrared.
As the researchers described, the sheet gets these capabilities due to black silicon's vertically pointed microscopic needles or nanowires.
Black silicon carbide is most dominant product, with demand estimated at 745 6 Kilo tons in 2013 due to its wider application scope in comparison to other forms of silicon carbide.
Black silicon technology can eliminate the plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) of silicon nitride currently in solar cell production lines.
Yuan, "Multi-scale surface texture to improve blue response of nanoporous black silicon solar cells," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
The performance of black silicon solar cells with various passivation films was characterized.
By etching light-absorbing black silicon, Ivanova and her team created similar spikes, 500 nanometers tall and just 20 to 80 nanometers thick.
Then, the wafer was etched by a deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE) process based on the "black silicon" method [5, 18-20].
There are custom engravings on the side of the case and embossed stencilling on the black silicon band.
Other topics include gear fault detection based on fabrication material, composite materials for pressure vessels, laser textured black silicon solar cells, and the effect of glass microballoon size on the compressive strength of syntactic foams.
The contract has been signed to develop and commercialise a line of black silicon products, including equipment, chemicals, and solar cells, based on NREL patents.
On a lighter note, the delicate line drawing of a humble hut, a fragment from a Ming landscape by Chen Jiru, is replicated in An Old Breeze--Grass Roof 1, 2008; taken from the dreamy scene of foggy mountains, the sfumato-like effect of its thin ink and simple yet masterly brushstrokes is comically mocked with uneven blotches made of tiny black silicon grains set on a painted canvas.