spruce pine

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eastern hemlock, hemlock spruce, spruce pine

Wood of a coniferous tree of eastern North America; moisture-resistant, soft, coarse, uneven-textured; splinters easily; inferior for use in construction.
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In the current work, a portable UMR sensor and MRI measurement techniques were utilized to study drying behavior during air-drying of black spruce (P.
One site displayed approximately 50% canopy closure primarily by black spruce and alder and the other approximately 75% canopy closure dominated by black spruce, jack pine, eastern larch, alder, and willow, with abundant Labrador-tea and a dense moist Sphagnum substrate.
Of these key species, black spruce was more characteristic of F transects, while Arctic dwarf birch dominated FT transects.
Currently, black spruce represents the dominant tree species of the landscape in interior Alaska (Kasischke et al.
Through Black Spruce is about fire and ice as well as conifers--about their regenerative as well as destructive powers.
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada): (1) black spruce fiber 1 (BS01), (2) black spruce fiber 2 (BS02), and (3) jack pine fiber (JP).
Traveling from south to north, its banks are lined with dense spruce forests, which change to a mosaic of stunted black spruce, tamarack, and bogs.
Identification of black spruce (Picea mariana) and white spruce (Picea glauca) pollen was based on the morphometrics developed by Birks & Peglar (1980).
Study plots have been set up in different-aged jack pine, aspen and black spruce stands located within the Manitoba Model Forest.
The raw materials were different mixtures of black spruce, balsam fir, jack pine, and white birch.
North of the 59th parallel, the park encompasses the southern portion of Atlin Lake, taking in four biogeoclimatic zones: alpine tundra, boreal white and black spruce, spruce-willow-birch, and sub-boreal spruce.