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in law, exaction of money from another by threatthreat,
in law, declaration of intent to injure another by doing an unlawful act, with a view to restraining his freedom of action. A threat is distinguishable from an assault, for an assault requires some physical act that appears likely to eventuate in violence, whereas a
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 of exposure of criminal action or of disreputable conduct. The term was originally used for the tribute levied until the 18th cent. upon the inhabitants of the Scottish border to provide immunity from raids by Scottish bands. Statutes often treat blackmail as a form of extortionextortion,
in law, unlawful demanding or receiving by an officer, in his official capacity, of any property or money not legally due to him. Examples include requesting and accepting fees in excess of those allowed to him by statute or arresting a person and, with corrupt
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See also Bribery.
Blackness (See NIGHT.)
Blasphemy (See APOSTASY.)
adventurer and extortionist. [Br. Lit.: Little Dorrit]
extorts to achieve personal ends. [Br. Lit.: Barnaby Rudge]
threatens murder and dishonor to bed Lucretia. [Rom. Lit.: Fasti; Livy; Br. Lit.: The Rape of Lucrece]
Wegg, Silas
attempts to blackmail Boffin. [Br. Lit.: Our Mutual Friend]
References in classic literature ?
And surely it is equally obvious that the faded finery, the profligate habits, and the shrill irritation of Mr Glass are the unmistakable marks of the kind of man who blackmails him.
Assessments and taxes were enormous; the public works were notoriously neglected, the accounts were slurred over by bribed auditors, and the decent citizen was terrorized into paying public blackmail, and holding his tongue lest some worse thing befall him.
Ray Clarke, formerly a constable attached to the tactical firearms unit of South Wales Police, had already pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail and gave evidence against the pair at Cardiff Crown Court.
The aim was to target any company with a link to Cambridge-based Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and the alleged blackmail would only stop when they put out a "capitulation statement" saying they would not supply the animal testing firm, the court was told.
Ian Strachan, 31, and Sean McGuigan, 41, are alleged to have tried to use tapes suggesting that the royal performed a gay sex act to blackmail him.
She faces a 14-year maximum jail sentence for blackmail.
Along the way McGinley - who served time for raping a garda's wife - may have 'crossed the wrong people' as he became entangled in the blackmail web.
One of the gang's blackmail scenarios, which Zhongliang doesn't realize Ruyi is observing from a window across the street, is one of the most shattering such sequences this side of Hitchcock.
The Gardai are anxious to talk to him about Veronica Guerin's murder and the potential brothel blackmail scandal.
For example, there was a case involving a blackmail letter someone had written and printed without saving it to disk.
Recent studies show that women and girls are behind 88 percent of blackmail cases, said Al-Obaid.
However, the blackmail victim alerted the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Al Ahsa in western Saudi Arabia about the woman's threats and he was advised to pretend to agree to give her the money.