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river, c.100 mi (161 km) long, rising in Co. Kerry, SW Republic of Ireland. It flows east through the dairy region of Co. Cork and Co. Waterford before turning abruptly south and entering the Atlantic Ocean at Youghal Bay. Salmon and trout are caught in the river.


Nonindustrial wastewater containing significant food residues, high concentrations of toxic chemicals from household cleaners, and/or toilet flush water. Wastewater from toilets and urinals is always considered blackwater; wastewater from kitchen sinks, showers, or bathtubs may be considered blackwater by state or local codes. After neutralization, blackwater is typically used for nonpotable purposes, such as flushing or irrigation.


Any disease that is characterized by dark-colored urine.
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BMA and Blackwater Mine has had a long history in the local area, he said.
I only remember that people who committed this crime were from Blackwater.
r=0) reports surfaced that just before the Nisour Square shooting, the State Department had been investigating Blackwater, but it dropped the inquiry when a person the New York Times described as "a top manager" threatened to kill investigators.
Blackwater has been frequently on the move since his final junior season with the Western Hockey League's Spokane Chiefs.
This also explains why Blackwater (Academi) does not appear to have released a statement regarding the mass loss of life of mercenaries said to be in their ranks.
Blackwater guards "saw themselves as above the law," Richter wrote.
Country: USASector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: Blackwater Midstream CorpBuyer: ArcLight Capital Partners LLCDeal size in USD: 44.
The Blackwater case is an illustrative example of the impunity of personnel of private security guard companies who are flagrantly violating human rights standards.
Release date- 19072011 - Bow Energy Limited (ASX: BOW) has obtained further 2P certified reserves in the Blackwater CSG Field increasing Bow's total certified reserves to 238 PJ of 2P and 2,752 PJ of 3P reserves.
Brisbane, Australia, Nov 8, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Bow Energy Limited (ASX:BOW) (PINK:BOWYF) are pleased to announce an additional 213 petajoules (PJ) 3P certified reserves for its Blackwater CSG Field located approximately 250km west of Gladstone, Queensland.
Islamabad, Oct 19 (ANI): Pakistan's Interior Ministry has denied the presence of Blackwater, a US private security contractor, in the country.
Despite US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign promise to no longer award military contracts to Blackwater - the now renamed notorious security contractor - the US state department has recently awarded the company another lucrative contract.