blast pens

tactical aircraft shelter

A shelter to house fighter-type aircraft and provide protection to the aircraft from attack by conventional weapons or damage from high winds or other elemental hazards. Also called an aircraft shelter, blast pens, and a hardened aircraft shelter.
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Tenders are invited for Camouflaging Painting To Certain Buildings, Overhead Tanks, Watch Towers And Blast Pens At Af Station Adampur
Mock radar sites, tanks, marshalling yards, terrorist camps, runway, BMP (infantry fighting vehicles), blast pens and convoys are among few of the targets that pilots will seek to destroy.
Tenders are invited for Covering Of Open Blast Pens Phasei Qty5 For Su30 At Af Stn Gorakhpur
Tenders are invited for Special Repair To Blast Pens In Technical Area At Af Station Adampur
Tenders are invited for Modification Of Blast Pens At Af Stn Sgr
Tenders are invited for Work Services For Shifting Of Blast Wall And Associated Works For Blast Pens At Af Stn Nal
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Day To Day Maintenance And Earth Filling To Traverses Of Various Open Blast Pens At Af Stn Bakshi Ka Talab
Tenders are invited for Spl Repair/Replacement Of Electrical Wiring And Ug Power Cables In Certain Tech Bldgs Hangers And Blast Pens At Af Stn Jodhpur
Tenders are invited for Repair Replacement Of Flame Proofing Wiring , Distribution System In Certain Blast Pens And Magazine Repair To Runway Lighting Cable Works At Af Stn Nal Under Ge Af Nal
Tenders are invited for Repair To Ptt/Dispersal Area, Blast Pens, Bunkers And Misc Runway Maint Work Under Ge (Af) Borjar.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of New Sheds For Fire Points And Repair To Existing Sheds Fire Points Including Camouflaging Painting To Blast Pens Hangers End Earth Filling To Traverse Walls With Certain Repairs In Technical Area At Air Force Station Pathankot
Tenders are invited for Construction of blast pens and allied works at af station udhampur