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CDIC can now conduct more than 100 mechanical tests, out of which, 55 tests come under the NABL accreditation; covering a range of materials including cement, fly ash, GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag), concrete, aggregates, bricks, blocks, and construction chemicals.
The scope of works is the renovation of the road section at km 0 + 000 - 0 + 250 consisting in strengthening the existing surface, the foundation of blast-furnace slag, the foundation of aggregate and the surface of mineral-bituminous mixtures with an area of 784m2.
"For example, ground and granulated blast-furnace slag - a by-product of the iron and steel industry - used to be dumped as trash because it is of no use, but it was found that it is extremely useful if added to cement," Mamdouh Hamouda, engineering director at Arkan Architects, says.
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Fly ash or GGBS (Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag) only produces 30 per cent of carbon emissions as compared to standard concrete.
The company plans to invest $50 million for a cement manufacturing facility that will produce 2,200 tpd of ecological cement (ecocem] made from granulated blast-furnace slag.
has developed technology for terminal operators seeking to expedite batching and loading of portland cement, fly ash and ground granulated blast-furnace slag combinations.
The content of blast-furnace slag in this cement is 70%, and that of Portland cement is 30%.
The Russian company stated that the grinding-mixing complex is a modern production facility for cement and blast-furnace slag cement.
There are photos of old machines, now either idle or in some cases already scrapped, as well as the current generation of P&H 4100 shovels (at Aitik copper mine in Sweden), Cat D11 dozers (reclaiming blast-furnace slag in Luxembourg) and a host of other equipment.