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a light-coloured marking on the face of a domestic animal, esp a horse


A single assignment language for parallel processing.

["The BLAZE Language: A Parallel Language for Scientific Programming", P. Mehrotra <> et al, J Parallel Comp 5(3):339-361 (Nov 1987)].
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The full-featured Droid Bionic smartphone combines 4G LTE service, a dual-core processor, a large screen and the latest version of Android, making it blazingly fast.
Like other modern mobile browsers, Fennec has a full-fledged HTML rendering engine and a blazingly fast JavaScript engine, both based on the public source Webkit code.
The result was a greater number of blazingly fast times than last year.
The nightingale's note that sang through this magnificent hall was a moment of true magic, but it was the work's muscular, splendid, blazingly bright conclusion that ensured thunderous applause.
Central Asia, the northern Great Plains and Canadian Prairies are classic examples of 'continental' climates, which do not benefit from this moderating effect and thus experience bitterly cold winters and blazingly hot summers.
The international climate panel concluded that somewhere between 2 and 10 degrees of additional warming is possible in this century, given the projected growth in greenhouse-gas emissions both in countries that are already wealthy and in those, like China and India, where the economy is growing at a blazingly fast pace.
Orchestrations are more low-key expert than blazingly virtuosic, and some of the chorus work is a little too clean for tales of lonely isolation and heartbroken alcoholism.
It would probably then make sense to promote more clubs from the North and South also to make Division Two a 16-club division, as it has become blazingly obvious this season that nobody can really afford to sit around and twiddle their thumbs on a Saturday afternoon.
The DSPs used today allow blazingly fast servo feedback data, so the Servo HRV4 closes the current loop in 31.
Played with quiet but charismatic intensity by Joaquin Phoenix, one of Hollywood's new breed of offbeat superstars, Elwood combines amiable "fixing" with the dirtiest dealing in this blazingly good black comedy.
They wouldn't mind a few of the Welsh becoming blazingly successful as sportsmen, actors, politicians, poets and so forth, as long as they then allowed themselves to be taken to the great warm heart of the establishment and started calling themselves British.
2-inch mega-wide display, blazingly fast PowerPC G4 processors, and built-in FireWire port, the Titanium PowerBook G4 is the ultimate portable video editing system when combined with iMovie 2, Apple's easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software, or its Final Cut Pro professional video editing, effects and compositing software.