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a light-coloured marking on the face of a domestic animal, esp a horse
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A single assignment language for parallel processing.

["The BLAZE Language: A Parallel Language for Scientific Programming", P. Mehrotra <> et al, J Parallel Comp 5(3):339-361 (Nov 1987)].
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"Energetic particles may originate in jets spewing forth from supermassive black holes - astrophysical objects dubbed blazars because of the blazingly bright light they emit toward Earth," the researchers explained in a statement.
Talking about NAB, Chief Minister said that the sun of NAB is shinning blazingly and apex court is taking notice of everything deeply.
service is one of the finest, effective and fastest ways of putting messages across the targeted mass and it is evolving at a blazingly fast speed.
A quick look at the blazingly fast processor & camera of le 2Where to buy 11999 and Le Max2 -
The most luminous supernova ever discovered, ASASSN-151h, challenges popular theories for blazingly bright exploding stars.
Now and Again is a blazingly original novel about the interconnectedness of lives, the limits of knowledge, and the consequences of doing the right thing.
Douglas, whose first day on the job was April 1, took some time out of his blazingly busy schedule to talk about how the skills, talents and experience he honed from the worlds of business, law, government and politics will help him lead and grow the Heartland association, its credit unions and the movement.
"September will see the release of the high-performance and blazingly fast Vibe Z2 Pro, along with five other models, bringing Lenovo's total Qatar portfolio to 10 smartphones," a spokesperson for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed company said.
Due to complete support for Core 2 Duo, Dual Core and Hyper-Threading technologies, Soft4Boost Audio Mixer works blazingly fast, and the bullet-proof stability guarantees reliable and effortless audio mastering.
The massive Wi-Fi upgrade throughout all terminals within the Mineta San Jose International Airport included the installation of new, high-speed Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points (APs) that extend the range and speeds of wireless connections, along with blazingly fast gigabit fibre broadband connections into the facility and the elimination of advertisements over the free Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi service.
Moseley lost to London Welsh on that evening in November 2009 and the blazingly quick Simpson-Daniel drifted off the scene and out of professional rugby altogether.
Another dream is to build a quantum computer, which would rely on the quantum properties of particles to run certain types of calculations blazingly fast.