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any slender silvery European cyprinid fish of the genus Alburnus, esp A. lucidus, occurring in slow-flowing rivers



(Alburnus alburnus), a freshwater school fish of the family Cyprinidae. The bleak may measure up to 20 cm in length and weigh as much as 60 g. The mouth is directed forward; the scales fall off easily. Distributed in river basins of Western Europe and the European part of the USSR, the fish lives in slow-moving rivers and is numerous in reservoirs. It spawns intermittently from May through July each year after attaining sexual maturity at the age of three years. The female produces 3,000–10,500 eggs, which it deposits on plants. The bleak feeds on plankton and algae. It serves as food for a number of predatory fishes and is fished commercially.


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Children are born, weddings are celebrated and even in the bleakest circumstances people still fall in love.
But EADS chief executive Louis Gallois hinted at an exodus of jobs right across Europe's export sector in the bleakest warning yet from one of Europe's biggest manufacturing firms.
An innovative high-power wind turbine produced by the Stratford-upon-Avon-based FuturEnergy is helping the crew and scientists aboard an icebound exploration vessel survive the bleakest of Arctic winters.
Just when his life seems bleakest, he forms a friendship with an old jazz musician and learns about seven basic principles, which help him come to a turning point to positively change his life.
Suffice it to say that it is one of the most impressive of Waugh's novels, and that it is perhaps the bleakest of his novels since religious commitment is absent from it.
Let the Lion Eat Straw is no fairy tale; it is as much about abandonment and disappointment as it is about hope and the joy that can sometimes be found in even the bleakest of circumstances.
The fables and fairy tales in Part One are the bleakest in the collection.
But those first 18 months were a tough experience, they were the bleakest 18 months of my professional career.
The second session of the 108th Congress was among the bleakest in recent memory with regard to veterans' benefits," said National Legislative Director Joseph A.
When he is threatened and forced into taking a bribe from a Saudi prince, his Kafkaesque spiral into the bleakest realms of terror and madness reveals a reality that is shocking and incomprehensible.
Delivering his bleakest assessment to date of the crisis in Iraq, Bremer recommends in a two-page memo that the process of transferring sovereignty, writing a constitution and holding elections be accelerated and completed within a year.