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(blĕt), town, NW Slovenia. Situated in the Julian Alps and on the small Lake of Bled, it is a popular summer and winter resort town. In the vicinity are a medieval castle, a former royal villa, and a church on an islet.



a mountain climatic health resort in the Republic of Slovenia in Yugoslavia. Population about 4,000. It is a major tourist center. The town is located in the Julian Alps, on Lake Bled, at an elevation of 520 m. The climate is gentle and moderately moist. The average temperature in January is -2.1° C; in July, 19° C. The area receives about 700 mm of precipitation yearly. The chief curative agent used is climatic therapy, although iron and mineral waters are also utilized. There is treatment of persons suffering from nontubercular diseases of the upper respiratory tract, functional disorders of the nervous system, and secondary anemia. The hotels, rooming houses, and curative and cultural facilities are open year-round.


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I went below and did what I could for my wound; it pained me a good deal and still bled freely, but it was neither deep nor dangerous, nor did it greatly gall me when I used my arm.
In that neighbourhood there were two villages, one of them so small that it had neither apothecary's shop nor barber, which the other that was close to it had, so the barber of the larger served the smaller, and in it there was a sick man who required to be bled and another man who wanted to be shaved, and on this errand the barber was going, carrying with him a brass basin; but as luck would have it, as he was on the way it began to rain, and not to spoil his hat, which probably was a new one, he put the basin on his head, and being clean it glittered at half a league's distance.
So she bled him, and he fell into a stupor which lasted nearly all that day, so that he awoke weak and exhausted from loss of blood.
That poor Mademoiselle Cormon," he said to Monsieur de Troisville, gazing at the assembly, whose laughter was repressed by his cool aristocratic glances, "her blood is horribly out of order; she wouldn't be bled before going to Prebaudet (her estate),--and see the result
He saw him sign to his men that he had come upon that which he sought and he saw him pass out of sight toward the north, and still Korak sat like a graven image, with a heart that bled in dumb misery.