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The price tag depends on how long it takes and how much integration you want--but, he said, the bleeding edge is going to cost you at least $10,000.
9 Out: Now A DECADE ago this first 3D foray into Liberty City represented the bleeding edge of game technology.
Developing software on such a new platform is often referred to tongue-in-cheek, as living on the bleeding edge of technology.
John Tonry (IfA) said, "We played as close to the bleeding edge of technology as you can without getting cut
While I will never claim to be on the bleeding edge of anything--I have been "tweeting" for the last month or so as PharmProEditor (www.
Drawn from the most advanced digital mapping technology available, "Goode's World Atlas" is the leader of atlases, highly recommended for anyone in the market for an atlas, or must be on the bleeding edge of knowledge in this subject.