bleeding heart

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bleeding heart:

see fumitoryfumitory,
common name for some members of the Fumariaceae, a family of herbs native to much of the Old World, especially temperate Eurasia. The family is closely related to (and sometimes classified with) the poppies.
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While this may seem like a ranting from a bleeding-heart pinko, how can you honestly justify cracking jokes when any living thing's life is being taken for your betterment?
So I'm not a bleeding-heart Hollywood liberal or a socialist.
Bleeding-heart Cellestine Hannemann (Your Opinion, Nov.
Guilt by Association'' isn't TV drama, it's a position paper: a bleeding-heart magazine piece.
I don't know which is more absurd, Jerry Falwell's claim that God ``lifted the curtain of protection'' or some reader's bleeding-heart claim that we are a target for terrorism because the ``have-not people of the world do not have a stake in our system.
I choose instead to weather the cynicism toward bleeding-heart celebrities and try to help persuade the slightly more liberal one of the two accounting firms we call our major parties to return to the principles of the Democratic Party of my youth.
More than two decades of coddling criminals under old guard, bleeding-heart liberal policies resulted in more fear, more violent crime and more victims.