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A mixture so combined as to render the parts indistinguishable from one another.



in textile production, the mass of different fibers, mixed well in assigned proportions, from which yarn is made. The blend is usually formed by putting layers of preloosened material on top of one another and then selecting materials from all layers on the cross-section or by continuously feeding fiber material from different points into one stream.

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Irish Breakfast is another popular and widely recognized tea blend comprised of full bodied black teas.
However, no significant work has been performed to investigate how the mechanical properties of conductive blends are influenced by compatibilization of conductive immiscible blends, selective localization of conductive filler in one of the two blend phases, and accumulation of the conductive filler at the blend interface.
Concentric shaft mixers with high-intensity and slow-speed mixing blades blend dry materials into viscous liquids.
In less severely polluted areas, the Act allows states, with EPA approval, to require the use of other special blends as part of their effort to meet air quality standards.
Blend assorted fruit licuados at home or pick them up at Latino markets and fast-food places.
Although it can be used in its pure form, most use biodiesel in a blend of 20 percent (B20) or a two percent blend (B2).
The results from this testing indicate that one particular blend may be the best in terms of performance.
The first requirement necessary to create the perfect blend is to choose the right tea leaves.
The flow management of high gravity beer, carbonated liquor, returns and final blend should be accomplished with electromagnetic flowmeters.
Moreover, he notes that while a pure synthetic will melt and fall away from the body as it burns--tending to self-extinguish --the blends hold together, giving flames and heat a greater chance of causing body burns.
The firm also provides assistance in areas ranging from dealing with problematic resins, optimization of blends to meet specific product requirements to opening the purchasing specification window and developing additional low cost material sources.
Blenders are fully integrated with Extrol control system in order to make blend changes at the control console.