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A mixture so combined as to render the parts indistinguishable from one another.
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in textile production, the mass of different fibers, mixed well in assigned proportions, from which yarn is made. The blend is usually formed by putting layers of preloosened material on top of one another and then selecting materials from all layers on the cross-section or by continuously feeding fiber material from different points into one stream.

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GUIDELINESThe blended flours will be prepared through a mixture of two different milled food crops or their flours.
Ethanol absorbs water, which can cause problems with fuel quality, so gasoline is normally stored and transported by pipeline as blendstock and then blended with ethanol in local markets shortly before to sale.
Wendell Tea Company's English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Russian Caravan, and Iced Tea Blend are proprietary blends that have been blended with care for decades.
Corporate Blended Learning Models and Perspectives;
The tax incentive, currently a part of the stalled Energy Bill and the Senate Transportation Bill, is a federal excise tax credit in the amount of one penny per percentage point biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel.
In his discussion of how dove and hawk are to be blended, Bauer (1983: 235) considers dawk and hove the only possible alternatives, but "the choice of one rather than the other would appear to be fairly arbitrary, although the Sprachgefuhl of the native speaker may find one more suitable than the other"--since the notion of Sprachgefuhl is not clarified further, however, this comment is little helpful.
They planted fruit trees alongside tea plants to provide shade; the wind often shook the trees and sprinkled their blossoms over the tea plants, thus creating a flavored or blended tea.
Dan River did not announce any new blended sheet programs during the preview, but last fall it introduced a 250-thread-count blend under its Studio Collection, a step-up from its 210-count blend.
NIST measurements show that, when two incompatible polymer liquids are mechanically blended together, one may deform into very long strings that are extremely stable.
Blended populations and portable time and space do not result in an absence of spiritual practice.
Recently, there has been a tremendous push among call center operators to move to a blended environment in which a single call center operation manages both inbound and outbound functions.