blind window

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blank window, blind window, false window

1. A recess in an external wall, having the external appearance of a window.
2. A window, which has been sealed off but is still visible.

false window, blind window

The representation of a window inserted to complete a series of windows or to give symmetry; a blank window.
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Still box calling, I peeked through the back of the blind window and there stood a full strut gobbler.
Other notable features include Power Hub Framework for extreme durability, new SS Hook Blind windows for silence and shoot-through meshing.
SDS Outdoors product lines include Texas Bowfishing Boats, Southern Deer Stands, Texas Deer Blind Windows, and RANGE-OPS.
Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows! Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long streets like endless Jehovahs!
The much vaunted quality of detailing is in fact rarely to be found: doorcases, railings and other fittings can all be found down to the same basic standard as on any other estate and to the tweeness of 'olde worlde' features the lunacy in the blind windows is testator.
You'll love the patented Double Bull hub system, the 180-degree full front view with silent slide window adjustment, no-sheen cotton/poly fabric, exclusive Ground Swat camo and silent SS Hook Blind windows.
The zinc-clad peaks and troughs are echoed in the curved concrete end walls of the sports hall which are punctuated with blind windows, as if they were fragments from an imaginary city, recently exhumed.