block capital

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cushion capital

1. A capital resembling a cushion that is pressed down because of weight on it.
2. In medieval, esp. Norman, architecture, a cubic capital with its lower angles rounded off.
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Complete all the details on the entry form in block capitals and take it to Olan Mills Photography, 1st floor TJ Hughes store, London Road, Liverpool, from Monday, November 8, to Sunday, November 21.
free p&p (UK mainland readers only)TO ORDER Complete the coupon in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to: Jock Stein Book Offer, Highdown Books, RFM House, Compton, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 6NL.
Swearing is like underlining your words - like writing in block capitals to make your point,' Ex-Coldstream Guardsman Francis Fulford inCutting Edge:The F*** Fulfords to be screened on Channel Four
DFW's logo is a blue rectangle with DFW in white block capitals in the upper right corner and 13 wavy lines to the left.
Actually, hang on, I don't use block capitals much but if there ever was a time to do it then its now SOME-THING INCREDIBLE
TO REDEEM BY POST To claim six Scottish kids' books, please complete this coupon writing clearly in block capitals and including three different vouchers.
But now yobs have used black spray-paint to vandalise the horse, writing the word 'flame'' in block capitals across the white painting.
All the writing is in a user-friendly sans serif font and uses lower and upper case conventionally which will make it easier reading for reluctant readers than the traditional block capitals of speech bubbles.
ALTERNATIVELY COMPLETE THE COUPON IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND SEND IT TO: The People, Garden Brush Reader Offer (SPP16158), Euro House, Cremers Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3US