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coreboard, Brit. battenboard

A wood-base panel used in plywood or laminated core constructions; the core, 1, to which faces are glued.

strip core, blockboard, loose core, strip board

A composite board; a coreboard whose core is made up of strips of wood, either laid separately or glued together; veneer is glued to both faces of the core strips with its grain at right angles to that in the strips.
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Influence of joint type used in core layer on the mechanical properties of blockboard veneered with different wood species.
MTP had a production capacity 80,000 cubic meters of plywood, 20,000 cubic meters of blockboard, 27.000 cubic meters of sawn timber and 20,000 cubic meters of dry kiln timber per year.
A quick coat of primer and paint to blend the blockboard and facings in with the ceiling and you have an almost invisible entrance to your attic.
Blockboard is often overlooked today, but its old technology, or variations on the old technology, could provide panel-building products in many places.
Rubberwood has been found to be useful as a core material in blockboard and other "sandwich" construction materials.
Panel products from rubberwood particleboard, blockboard and medium density fiberboard.
Hovering somewhere between sculptural construction and model for a late-modernist architectural folly, Leak's open assemblage of vertical and horizontal components in wood, blockboard, and card sits on the floor, an apparent seepage of silver gray acrylic pooling around the base of its main upright element.
PT Mangole Timber Producers (MTP), located on the island of Mangole, North Maluku, operates in wood-based industry with an annual production capacity of 80,000 m3 of plywood, 20,000 m3 of blockboard, 27,000 m3 of sawntimber and 20,000 m3 of dry kiln timber.
For a curved corner bath, first you have to make a semi-circular blockboard or plywood profit.
"Gaboon is more widely used in Africa, of course, and in England and France where it is mostly used for plywood, blockboard and for backing." Hoppe said gaboon trees are very large and can have diameters of up to 8 1/2 feet.
Pulp and paper industries account for 29.8% and chipmill, blockboard and other related industries for the remaining 27.4%.
I cut the door from blockboard, sanding smooth the sawn edges, then fitted 21 2 ins flush hinges.