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name for the larva of the midgemidge,
name for any of numerous minute, fragile flies in several families. The family Chironomidae consists of about 2,000 species, most of which are widely distributed. The herbivorous larvae are found in all freshwaters; the larvae of some species live in saltwater.
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 and for a red-blooded marine polychaete worm.
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Those anglers fishing have enjoyed the usual great sport with quality trout being landed, standard patterns have been the order of the day of late with the likes of Cats Whiskers, Olive Bloodworm and Zonkers all catching well.
Brian Sunderland from Darlington took a nice trout of around 4lb on a bloodworm and there were some good trout caught and released.
JUBILEE TROUT LAKES 01388 772611 / DL2 2UH Trout have been chasing fry, and anglers have been catching on Snakes, Bunny Leech, Bloodworm and Blobs.
James Campion from Bishop Auckland was glad he ventured out when he took 14 trout in four hours, using bloodworm and bunnyleech.
An apps bloodworm was Ricky Smith's choice of fly as he reached the 10 fish catch and release limit; Roger Williams hooked 10 on a red spider pattern fly while a red buzzer and a bloodworm nymph were used by Hughie Wilson as he reached his limit.
Guide Brian "Bro" Brosdahl also has closely followed bloodworm activity.
In bright, warm conditions with very little pace and clear water, venue regular Ian (Shep) Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) drew his favourite peg 24 and decided to base his approach around fishing bloodworm for the resident redfins.
Wisely, he fed across with bloodworm at 14 metres to avoid any boat traffic, and then spent an hour catching bits and pieces on a short pole under his feet.
The clam-worm jaws are especially hard near the tips, says Stucky, but even there, they're still softer than bloodworm jaws.
Bloodworms, ghost shrimp and mussels are the baits of choice for most pier-anglers, and Menadier prefers ``blood'' and ``ghosties.
They've been taking on patterns such as the zonker, cats whisker and damsel and the black beetle or black buzzer but the olive bloodworm or the olive buzzer have definitely been most effective, still fished on a floating line.
Steve Baker landed 10 trout on Tinies, while David Park had nine on Bloodworm.