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name for the larva of the midgemidge,
name for any of numerous minute, fragile flies in several families. The family Chironomidae consists of about 2,000 species, most of which are widely distributed. The herbivorous larvae are found in all freshwaters; the larvae of some species live in saltwater.
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 and for a red-blooded marine polychaete worm.
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Steve Baker landed 10 trout on Tinies, while David Park had nine on Bloodworm.
Terry Donnelly from Whitley Bay scored his personal best with a rainbow of 6lb 8oz on an amber bloodworm.
Bloodworms use salivary secretions to cement together particles of various types of mostly organic substrate.
RAINBOWS to 11lb 8oz at JUBILEE LAKES where Bloodworms, either red or pink have done well when twitched back just subsurface.
Bloodworms take advantage of this to travel much farther than they could ever get on their own.
The female, however, faces significant reproductive pressure to become a creative genius at finding freeze-dried bloodworms.
Paul Pratt from Chester-le-Street kept four for 21lb 7oz, including one of 15lb 7oz, on black beetles and bloodworms.
Several other regular rods landed between six and eight fish on Nomads, App's Bloodworm, Damsel Nymphs and Buzzers.
I use the Blood color and Natural color to imitate bloodworms, switching to the Clear Gold or Clear Violet to imitate translucent worms.
FIRST time visitor 67-year-old Derek Young showed his junior friends how to fish at STONEBRIDGE, landing his lifetime best in the form of a perfectly-finned 18lb 4oz rainbow, which fell to a Yellow Bloodworm.
bloodworm supplies dwindled, collecting moved north.
Ali Tait returned rainbows of 9lb and 5lb, while George Shanks from Ashington caught six on Black Buzzers while Billy Docherty landed eight on Olive Bloodworms. Stephen Ramm from Ashington caught six to 5lb 14oz on a Blue Flash Damsel.