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Irrevocable proof that money can buy a Hollywood estate, it can buy a top legal team, it can even buy sycophants who'll blow smoke up your zig-a-zig-ahhh but it can't buy an ounce of decency or a conscience.
BEFORE a fag is stubbed out in anger, the Scottish Executive is determined to blow smoke in our faces.
A coalition spokesman said: 'The official line is that we won't blow smoke in the face of police officers.
Perhaps that's why when veterans get together they don't blow smoke at each other about heroics but rather concentrate on the good friends they made in the service and who they never will forget.
Firefighters from Huddersfield isolated the gas and quickly brought the fire under control before using large fans to blow smoke from the house.
By the time she's five, Samantha will know how to blow smoke rings, use a credit card, and order a Martini.
Several friends did their best to blow smoke in my face during our visit, but the reading "only" registered the equivalent of one cigarette in three hours.