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A brisk wind enveloped them in the blowing sand of the desert, until Tarzan's lips were parched and cracked.
They marched, jaw-bound against blowing sand, across the salt desert to Jodhpur, where Mahbub and his handsome nephew Habib Ullah did much trading; and then sorrowfully, in European clothes, which he was fast outgrowing, Kim went second-class to St Xavier's.
Winds will reach up to 40kph on the coast and 32kph in the interior, blowing sand and reducing visibility in some areas," said the forecaters.
Bahrain raised its weather warning to the highest level yesterday as strong winds hit the country, knocking down signboards and making driving difficult with blowing sand on major roads.
What wind speed occurred on Mars then in order to cause a dust storm of that magnitude, and was it only dust with no blowing sand involved?
A major storm front was expected to move into the country overnight from the northwest, bringing with it strong winds, increased cloud, rain and blowing sand.
The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies said: 'The blowing sand reduced surface visibility to near zero at some locations, disrupting ground transportation, air traffic, and also closing schools.
Vision is restricted by the blowing sand and the result has been a large number of traffic accidents, including some mass pileups, like that seen in the photo at lower right.
The decision was based on the fact that the strong winds and blowing sand would impede visibility for spectators apart from the flight of both falcons and pigeons.
The source of sand to form a coastal dune comes from loose blowing sand on a beach.
Should the forest go, Newborough, Dwyran and Malltraeth would be very vulnerable from the strong winds blowing sand into their villages, as it is locals can walk in this area, even during adverse weather conditions to gain protection from the trees, and they do.
The NCMS said motorists need to be cautious on roads due to poor visibility and blowing sand.