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But here Miller rises as a contrast, a man of action: he is not afraid and he carries the teeth marks of the tropics on his skin, and he goes to work with the blowlamp and the statement that ends the poem.
In the later (GPS) fork designs much more effort is required as there are no accessible screws which free the tube, so disassembling the Dec fork arm bearings, slowly and methodically, will be necessary; a blowlamp and hammer may be needed to free the fork arm bearings in these modern examples.
And now Renault has waved its RenaultSport blowlamp over it to come up with the RenaultSport Twingo 133.
While it's possible for a trucker stuck in a cold snap with summer diesel in his tank to dig out the blowlamp and run it over the blocked fuel lines, you can't exactly do that 13km up in the air.
It seems unlikely that we really long for the days when milk froze on the doorstep and pensioners had to be thawed out with a blowlamp.
He brutally beat her and tortured her with a blowlamp, pliers and a craft knife but said he "didn't mean to cause her serious harm".