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BRIEFS ENCOUNTER: Anna can see her clothes piled in yard; BLOW IT: Anna's underwear was blown off her balcony
In Birmingham, the roof of an office block on the Hagley Road was blown off by the 50mph winds, causing police to close the road while debris was removed.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-31 January 2002-UPDATE: 'Isabella' was blown off course by strong wind - report (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The cured hoses were then blown off the mandrels with pressurized air.
But too often, if they point this out, they get blown off unless they just happen to be in the right place at the right time.
THE roof of a house was blown off yesterday by a suspected gas explosion.
An explosive charge, planted on the roadside, had blown off against a U.
A WHITE van lies with its cab embedded upside down in a field after being blown off the road in a freak gale.
Children as young as three had to be evacuated from a school today after part of the roof was blown off as high winds battered the region.
One motorist managed to steer his car to the side of the northbound Golden State Freeway near Balboa Boulevard on Saturday morning after a long piece of wood - debris from a couch that was blown off another driver's vehicle - pierced his passenger-side windshield.
A CLIMBER from Coventry died when he was blown off Britain's highest mountain by hurricane force winds.
Fingers are burned or blown off and eyes are lost or sight is damaged.