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a small burner that produces a very hot flame, used to remove old paint, melt soft metal, etc



(blast lamp, blow lamp), a heating unit in which heat is generated by a flame fueled by a liquid combustible, such as alcohol, kerosine, or gasoline; the combustion products in the blowtorch create an extended flare. Blowtorches are used to heat parts and melt solder when soldering at temperatures to 1100°C. They are also used to heat soldering irons and other tools. The atomizer type of blowtorch is the most common. Gasoline blowtorches generate the most heat and are the most convenient to use. Tank capacity varies from 0.1 to 2 liters.


A small, portable blast burner which operates either by having air or oxygen and gaseous fuel delivered through tubes or by having a fuel tank which is pressured by a hand pump. Also known as blast lamp; blowpipe.

blowtorch, Brit

blowlamp A small torch which generates a high-intensity flame; used for heating soldering irons, burning off paint, etc.
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The prosecution claimed Dupuy then set about destroying his car - using an industrial blowtorch to chop the vehicle into small pieces.
Remove as much moss as possible with a floor scraper, then spread a moss killer or blowtorch it.
The fire at the home in Westbourne Grove, Overslade, on Saturday started when a contractor's blowtorch ignited timber.
And he came crashing through into the Laroch bar in Ballachulish, Argyll - complete with ladders, gas bottle and burning blowtorch.
Hot-headed farmer Adam Barton decides to have another go at snuffing out the village bad boy on Thursday, using a can of petrol and a blowtorch.
Therefore, live, his melancholic tunes were given the blowtorch treatment, distorted by eardrum-crushingly loud guitars that deprived them of their natural beauty.
He imagines his own funeral, where the preacher extols the virtues of Justin's wheelchair more than Justin himself, and some very funny visits with God (Tuc Watkins), who appears to Justin as his favorite race-car driver, wearing a T-shirt that reads ``I don't make mistakes'' while working on his hot rod and taking a blowtorch to some marshmallows.
Tired and overblown, I'd happily get a blowtorch and make baked bean tins with the new Herbie DVD Extras A Day At The Races featurette, deleted scenes.
EIGHT men took part in an illegal operation to satisfy a fad for sheep which were cooked by having their skins scorched with a blowtorch, a court was told yesterday.
A MAN accused of stealing a car during a 24-hour crime spree used a blowtorch to attempt to break into houses, it was claimed in the High Court yesterday.
A TEENAGE girl and three thugs who tortured a chef with a blowtorch and drill were jailed yesterday.
Paramedics used a blowtorch to disconnect the hook and rushed him to hospital in critical condition.