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a small burner that produces a very hot flame, used to remove old paint, melt soft metal, etc



(blast lamp, blow lamp), a heating unit in which heat is generated by a flame fueled by a liquid combustible, such as alcohol, kerosine, or gasoline; the combustion products in the blowtorch create an extended flare. Blowtorches are used to heat parts and melt solder when soldering at temperatures to 1100°C. They are also used to heat soldering irons and other tools. The atomizer type of blowtorch is the most common. Gasoline blowtorches generate the most heat and are the most convenient to use. Tank capacity varies from 0.1 to 2 liters.


A small, portable blast burner which operates either by having air or oxygen and gaseous fuel delivered through tubes or by having a fuel tank which is pressured by a hand pump. Also known as blast lamp; blowpipe.

blowtorch, Brit

blowlamp A small torch which generates a high-intensity flame; used for heating soldering irons, burning off paint, etc.
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"You then go into your car and produce a blowtorch. They must have genuinely believed you were going to use that.
The blowtorch you have is quite a stylish looking piece of kit and looks more like something from a vintage movie.
For Felicity Aston, that meant essential equipment such as reliable thermometers, blowtorches, protective clothing, a car with tyres capable of dealing with any surface and decent chocolate ...
5 When ready to serve, scatter a teaspoon of caster sugar over each of your custards and blowtorch until a deep dark caramel.
BEATEN: Lorry driver Anthony Joy, 45 - torturers poured boiling water on his legs and applied a blowtorch to his ankle, hand and wrist during his kidnap ordeal.
Blowtorch: Robert Komer, Vietnam, and American Cold War Strategy.
The four now charged with using a blowtorch on a marijuana merchant and then cutting off his penis were all friends at Clovis West High School in the town of Clovis, California, near Fresno, the Fresno CBS station reported last week.
"On set of Hebburn, just heard the best sentence ever-"I've put your blowtorch next to the kettle and I'm going to get your scotch eggs now" @IAmChrisRamsey TOP TREND: Kids are adjusting to school this week.
Then I used my blowtorch on the nut so its diameter would expand, thus freeing it.
A FIRE which destroyed a section of roof at the National Library of Wales was started accidentally by a blowtorch, an investigation has found.
Guilbert Express has produced a new carry case pack for its signature product--the Vulcane Express blowtorch.