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a small burner that produces a very hot flame, used to remove old paint, melt soft metal, etc



(blast lamp, blow lamp), a heating unit in which heat is generated by a flame fueled by a liquid combustible, such as alcohol, kerosine, or gasoline; the combustion products in the blowtorch create an extended flare. Blowtorches are used to heat parts and melt solder when soldering at temperatures to 1100°C. They are also used to heat soldering irons and other tools. The atomizer type of blowtorch is the most common. Gasoline blowtorches generate the most heat and are the most convenient to use. Tank capacity varies from 0.1 to 2 liters.


A small, portable blast burner which operates either by having air or oxygen and gaseous fuel delivered through tubes or by having a fuel tank which is pressured by a hand pump. Also known as blast lamp; blowpipe.

blowtorch, Brit

blowlamp A small torch which generates a high-intensity flame; used for heating soldering irons, burning off paint, etc.
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Mark, 32, said the use of a blowtorch to disable door locks was a growing problem.
This machine was not able to remove all of the roof covering from around the edges of the roof and as such the workers used a propane-powered blowtorch to warm the roof covering which was then scraped off using hand tools.
The new Vulcane Express carry case pack will contain the Vulcane Express blowtorch, two MAP//Pro propylene gas cartridges, three burners, a piezo ignition system, spare gas nozzle and a carry case.
ABRAHAM''S TIP: Hold the blowtorch about 15-20cms away and wave it slowly over the surface to prevent spotting.
City workers who were back to fix the leaky pipe pitched in with a steam-blasting blowtorch that's used on frozen pipes.
DAWN RAID An officer breaks into a suspect's home during Operation Blowtorch.
Melting glass with a blowtorch to make beautiful jewelry is a defining activity for artist Maryjane Michaud.
The event featured mroe than its share of drama when cellulose's fireproof property was dramatically demonstrated when a blowtorch was applied to the material by one of the event participants,
Police issued a warrant for Hargreaves arrest, claiming the firearms were unsafely stored and improperly imported," even though he had a permit to purchase each one (including his submachine guns), regularly used the guns to train police officers, and stored the guns in a 1,700-pound safe that took the thieves two days to break into using sledgehammers and a blowtorch.
Chefs used an industrial blowtorch to caramelize the creme brulee's sugar-coated surface.