blue brick

blue brick, sewer brick, Staffordshire blue

A brick of high strength whose blue color results from firing in a kiln in a flame of low oxygen content.
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The basement is, quite frankly, the stuff of dreams for wine connoisseurs Blue brick steps and a rope handle lead down to a specially constructed cellar.
STEVEN LAWLESS 7 His team's most creative force but ultimately hit a blue brick wall.
The contract will provide design-build services for repairs of the Blue Brick Buildings at Kuwait Naval Base (KNB), Kuwait.
There is a sawn black limestone flooring, Staffs blue brick and hardcore plinth.
The temple's design is for a modern version of a traditional 15th or 16th Century Gurdwara, in buff bricks, with blue brick banding, gold domes and arched windows.
That is, the mutually entailed relation between I and YOU transfers yellow brick from I to YOU and blue brick from YOU to I.
near 34th and Old Seward, in the blue brick building behind the Moose's Tooth.
Outside in the back garden there is a sun terrace with blue brick inset, ample ower borders and shrubbery.
Inside Spotlight's blue metal gates and against the Staffordshire blue brick arch there's a caravan and several gazebos shielding kitchens from the odd spot of rain.
But Preston's play-off push was halted as Roger Johnson and penalty taker Michael Chopra hit the target and they constantly ran into a blue brick wall at the other end.