blue brick

blue brick, sewer brick, Staffordshire blue

A brick of high strength whose blue color results from firing in a kiln in a flame of low oxygen content.
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The construction of 4 new build industrial units (3nr @ 1200 ft2 and 1nr @ 1950 ft2); the construction is a steel portal frame with a mix of blue brick external walls and profiled composite metal cladding panels.
The two-span aqueduct was built in 1856 and comprises a cast iron trough, lattice arches and parapets supported on blue brick abutments and a central brick pier.
From the garden room there is a blue brick patio and steps lead down to three shaped lawns.
STEVEN LAWLESS 7 His team's most creative force but ultimately hit a blue brick wall.
The damp-proof course consisted of three courses of blue brick.
There is a sawn black limestone flooring, Staffs blue brick and hardcore plinth.
The temple's design is for a modern version of a traditional 15th or 16th Century Gurdwara, in buff bricks, with blue brick banding, gold domes and arched windows.
That is, the mutually entailed relation between I and YOU transfers yellow brick from I to YOU and blue brick from YOU to I.
A spinning mirrored ball provides an atmospheric touch for the onstage band, and royal blue brick walls enclose a serviceable small open stage.
Our house was an old two-up, two-down with a small blue brick back yard and a bit of a garden out the front, complete with air raid shelter.