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The addition of the siderophore to the antagonist suspension furtherincreased biocontrol of blue mold on apples, whereas the addition of iron reducedbiocontrol.
Integrated control of postharvest blue mold decay of pears with hot water treatment and Rhodotorulaglutinis.
Wojciech Janisiewicz, with ARS' Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia, has filed a patent for a novel biocontrol agent aimed at neutralizing blue mold.
Recently, the Company entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Oregon State University for certain microbial yeasts to control gray and blue mold on apples and other pome fruit and brown rot on peaches and other stone fruit.
They use a variety of cultures; some tart some to enhance the development of holes for the blue mold to grow, 'Blue Ledge Farm, Salisbury, VT, (802) 247-0095, www.
What they hadn't counted on was the abrupt dismissal of Harrick, whom athletic director Peter Dalis had come to consider a blight along the lines of blue mold.
This yeast reduced blue mold on apples up to 100 percent and gray mold up to nearly 80 percent," Janisiewicz says.
The team made more than 200 blue molds and labeled each one with numbers or letters to prevent mistakes.
Decay caused by fungal diseases such as gray molds, blue molds, router rot, bull's eye, side rot and brown rot cause millions of dollars of loss to fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest alone each year," says Bob Sports, professor of plant pathology at the OSU center in Hood River.
Pseudomonas syringae strains ESC-10 and ESC-11 survive in wound on citrus and control green and blue molds of citrus.