blue norther

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A stormy, northerly wind of sudden onset occurring during the colder half of the year over the region from Texas southward across the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean. Also called a blue norther.
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Clark rings many changes, and even if you cannot imagine a well-made sonnet about an academic promotion and tenure-committee meeting, a room through which another kind of blue norther blows, you will find it here ("Tenure Deliberations").
William Bedford Clark's Blue Norther and Other Poems is even shorter than Gioia's book, but Clark, too, provides ample variety of theme and style in its brief compass.
The camp supported by the lease is a 1910-vintage ranch house, a bit weather-beaten after a century of "blue northers." It's more or less wind-and waterproof, and in December it didn't bother me too much how many shed rattlesnake skins they'd found on their spring and late summer work days.
Their topics include critical regionalism and cultural studies: bees in crisis, Chicano/a Vietnam solidarity and the making of Aztlan, from Grafenwoehr to Graf: a transnational American region in Bavaria, whether sisterhood is regional: American women's activism between the global and the local, and blue northers and barbed wire: modernization and the village in Larry McMurtry's The Last Picture Show.
You may recognize Paulsen as the prolific author of many young adult award-winning books such as "Hatchet and Dogsong." In a sequel, "Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers," he writes of his lead dog Cookie, who saved his life and was his longtime companion of many adventures.