blue-eyed grass

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blue-eyed grass:

see irisiris,
common name for members of the genus Iris of the Iridaceae, a family of perennial herbs that includes the crocuses, freesias, and gladioli. The family is characterized by thickened stem organs (bulbs, corms, and rhizomes) and by linear or sword-shaped
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Try bush anemone, Arctostaphylos, blue-eyed grass, fremontodendron, coral bells (Heuchera maxima or H.
A number of native species have gained relative popularity in conventional nurseries, he said, such as golden currant, black and white sages, leopard lily, California poppies, monkey flower, blue-eyed grass, bush mallows, lupins and penstemons.
Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum) forms tussocks of bluish green leaves 4 to 16 inches high.
The park manager and San Joaquin Delta College's Biology Department are preserving the some 1,600 oaks and reestablishing other native plants such as wild grape, blue-eyed grass, and wild rose.