horse mackerel

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horse mackerel:

see tunatuna
or tunny,
game and food fishes, the largest members of the family Scombridae (mackerel family) and closely related to the albacore and bonito. They have streamlined bodies with two fins, and five or more finlets on the back.
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On Saturday morning, about 70 boats carrying recreational anglers left Skagen at the northern tip of Jutland to help DTU researchers tag bluefin tuna on day one of this year's tagging project.
Catching a Giant Bluefin Tuna requires a rigorous physical battle and high quality custom equipment.
The fishing period for bluefin tuna is May 26 to July 1, according to the International Commission for the Conservation of Tunas.
The bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is the largest member of the family Scombridae and has a specialized cardiovascular physiology that allows it to exploit subarctic to subtropical pelagic waters (Carey and Lawson, 1973; Block et al., 2005).
It is the third time an Atlantic bluefin tuna has been found in Scotland as the species makes a return to British waters.
The Gulf of Maine is an important foraging ground for bluefin tuna (Thun-nus thynnus).
Ltd which owns the AaAaAeAcGin OnoderaAaAaAeAc restaurant chain, paid 36.45 million yen ($323,195) for 405-kg (890 lb) premium Pacific bluefin tuna - around 90,000 yen per kg.
<B Scientists have discovered that giant bluefin tuna possess a unique hydraulic control system that allows them to 'fly' through the ocean like fighter jets Randy Wilder/Monterey Bay Aquari
Serdy examines the 2000 case brought to the ICJ by Australia and New Zealand against JapanAEs unilateral experimental fishing program for southern bluefin tuna, its impact in relation to the case regarding JapanAEs scientific whaling program, and its ultimate success in 2014.
Tunisia is part of the second sub-commission responsible for bluefin tunas and the 4th sub-commission responsible for small tunas and swordfish.
Bluefin tuna stocks are down, and some researchers will tell you that they're in peril.