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the process of obtaining a layer of iron oxides (Fe304 and others) 1-10 microns thick on the surface of components made of carbon or low-alloy steel and cast iron. The coating has a fine crystalline, microporous structure. Blueing is used for decorative finishing. The protective properties of the layers formed during blueing are weak; therefore, after blueing the components are covered with grease to increase their corrosion resistance.

There are various methods of blueing: alkaline blueing, in alkaline solutions with oxidizers at temperatures of 135°-150° C; acid blueing, in acidic solutions by chemical or electrochemical means; and thermal blueing, which is the oxidation of steel at high temperatures—in an atmosphere of superheated water vapor at 200°-480° C, in vapors of an ammonia-alcohol mixture at 520°-880° C, in melted salts at 400°-600° C, or in an air atmosphere at 310CM50° C after first covering the surface of the components with a thin layer of asphalt or oil varnish.


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coveting the blueing breads, bones, and maggotted meat.
Their old Kalashnikovs were so worn out that the metallic blueing on the barrels had disappeared and their rifle butts were pitted and scarred.
Field also rejected Riordan's argument that the ordinance discriminated between small laundries, which in effect could not operate late at night at all, and larger laundries, which specialized in the "fluting, polishing, blueing, and wringing of clothes.
Excess lime reduces the ability to take up aluminium which is an essential mineral for the blueing of the flowers.
The afternoon is blueing toward darkness, and as he asks this, I realize how much I am going to miss working with him.
Bleaching process comprises souring, bleaching and blueing or fluorescent whitening, the squeence to be chosen according to the type of pad roll bleaching plant.
The drama of perception is emphasized by animistic verbs: "The dawn is wanly blueing.
6) Includes various "chemical works", ink, blueing and blacking manufacturers.
For example, one item on the form asks shoppers whether a blueing agent was used in the toilet bowls of the lab they are inspecting.
The top ten causes of pediatric poisonings are iron supplements, anti-depressants, heart medicines, methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen), hydrocarbons (especially lamp oil), pesticides, alcohols (including ethanol), ethylene glycol, gun blueing, and cleaning substances.
A solution of water, ammonia, salt and blueing was poured over the sculptures.
Soil acidity can be increased by applying a hydrangea blueing compound containing aluminium sulphate and also available from garden centres.