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The following information technology certifications are described in this encyclopedia. See also aptitude tests.

For CertificationIn:                Look Up:

 Adobe products      ACE

 Auditing            CISA

 Document Imaging    CompTIA

 E-Commerce          EC-Council certification
 E-Commerce          CompTIA

 General             CCP

 Internet/intranet   CompTIA

 Linux               CompTIA

 Networking          CompTIA

 Printing            Xplor

 Project Mgt.        CompTIA

 Security            CISSP
 Security            CISM
 Security            CompTIA
 Security            GIAC
 Security            SSCP
 Security            OSCP

 Servers             CompTIA

 Service Tech        CompTIA

 Technical Trainer   CompTIA

 Webmaster           CIWVendor Products Cisco certification Microsoft certification Novell certification Sun certification
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The process of evaluating the accuracy of the documentation on the eligibility of a property for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
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A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.
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A certificate issued by a national aviation regulatory authority (e.g., FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]), stating that this type of aircraft meets all stipulated safety requirements. Certification also indicates that the air and ground crew meet all set qualifications.
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Only nine percent of our general internists sample reported not being board certified, although another 20.4 percent scored in the bottom quartile on their initial board certification examination attempt but achieved certification.
To be successful in attaining national board certification, applicants will write lesson plans, videotape their selected classroom teaching lessons, compile and submit their students' work, and arrange a time to complete the six computerized assessments at a local assessment center.
With general understanding of National Board certification established, the remaining pages of the article build readers' understanding of learning leverage by summarizing the study from which the model originated, reviewing five studies that influenced the author's thinking about teacher learning during National Board candidacy, describing the model itself, and illustrating what learning leverage might "look" like through the different certification experiences of three teachers.
States such as Illinois, New Mexico and Ohio require board certification to achieve the highest level of state licensure, sometimes known as the mastery level, which provides for a higher salary.
The THNI program is focused on increasing teacher quality and student achievement in high-need schools by working with new and experienced teachers looking to attain National Board Certification.
would be putting their board certification at risk if they failed to follow ethical guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
THE effort to credential public health workers (see story, right) has garnered the attention of a national medical society concerned that people will confuse public health credentialing with board certification of physicians, an allegation public health credentialing supporters refute.
* 1,116 = Certified Physician Executives (board certification in medical management)
Nearly 7,800 teachers earned National Board Certification in 2006, a seven-percent increase from the previous year.
A more accelerated training program is sponsored by Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management Both board certification processes provide advanced learning on all aspects of board service including parliamentary rules, understanding financials, board awareness, committee participation and functions, and strategic planning.
And, since each physician must be credentialed (that is, provide documentation regarding medical school, residency training, board certification, malpractice history, disciplinary issues, and so forth) for each health plan with which the group contracts, the average ten-doctor group spends $8,000 per year submitting credentialing applications for each member.

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