boat dock

scenery wagon

(Brit.) boat dock A low platform on casters or rollers, used to support scenery on the stage of a theater; permits rapid changes of scenery.
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Patrol ships Zemaitis (P11), Aukstaitis (P14) Selis (P32) staff supply ship Jotvingis (N42) and H21 harbor boat dock repair service contracts.
Waterfront dining with boat dock on the intracoastal.
The Hot Springs property, which includes a three-stall boat dock, tennis court, swimming pool, hot tub and sauna, is valued at $1.
The exquisitely designed three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath Sienna model, with countless amenities, features a gourmet kitchen with center island and stainless steel appliances, tropical pool setting and is situated on a 200-foot-plus deep saltwater home site with a fabulous water view and your own private boat dock with docking capabilities up to 70 feet.
Applications for RubberSil white reinforcing fillers include conveyor belts, hoses, translucent and colored shoe soles and rubber articles, low hardness joints, piping, rollers, rubber supports, flooring, microcellular plates, cables, boat dock bumpers, tank linings and OTR tire tread.
On the property, residents will have access to hiking and nature trails; the Roeliff Jansen Kill, a major trout fishing stream which borders the southern edge of the property; a sandy beach; a lake-side boardwalk; a boat dock with its own gazebo; a bathhouse and arbor; and tennis courts.
of Milford has a solution: the plastic boat dock, also known as the Brock Dock.
After drawing down the lake about 23 feet, DWR civil maintenance crews removed 32,000 cubic yards of sediment that had accumulated around the United States Forest Service (USFS) boat dock over a period of 43 years.
Contract award: study for the creation of a boat dock
The yellow home has a boat dock with an original boat house that could be converted to a guesthouse.
After the tumultuous winter that the fish camp had, losing all of its rental-boat motors and a third of its boat dock, camp general manager Jeff Conoway said things were nearly perfect.
The reduced lake level is necessary to remove sediment that has accumulated around the United States Forest Service (USFS) boat dock over the past 34 years.