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(bō`băk): see marmotmarmot,
ground-living rodent of the genus Marmota, of the squirrel family, closely related to the ground squirrel, prairie dog, and chipmunk. Marmots are found in Eurasia and North America; the best-known North American marmot is the woodchuck, M.
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or Himalayan marmot (Marmota bobak), a mammal from the genus Marmota, and the order Rodentia. The body is up to 60 cm long. In the past, the bobac was found from the Hungarian steppes to the Irtysh; it was not found in the Crimea or Ciscaucasia. Owing to the plowing up of the steppes and excessively intensive hunting, the bobac population has been sharply reduced. In the European USSR, there are only a few small colonies, including those in preserves. Hunting is prohibited.

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Using such an approach the bobac marmot may be described as a terrestrial/subterranean species (T/S), and the yellow-necked mouse as a terrestrial-arboreal/subterranean-arboreal species (TAr/SAr).