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see lynxlynx,
name given to several related small, ferocious members of the cat family. All have small heads, tufted ears, and heavy bodies with long legs and short tails. All are primarily terrestrial, although they are able to climb trees.
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Burwen Bobcat

Software that smoothes the sound of digital music from Burwen Technologies, Inc., Lexington, MA ( Developed by legendary audio engineer Dick Burwen, Bobcat is a Windows Media Player plug-in that processes the signal between the player and the sound card in real time. It adds reverberation, especially at higher frequencies, that compensates for the stair-stepped signals of digital music in order to provide a more pleasing sound. Files can also be permanently Bobcatted and played in other media players such as iTunes or digital music servers. See audiophile and vinyl.
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Doosan Bobcat's statement said it has chosen the Dobris factory to produce the E10e for all markets worldwide, with the first machines to be sold in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region, with North America and then Asian markets to follow.
Consistent with these changes, Doosan Bobcat has announced the following leadership appointments:
The bobcat had attacked a horse at a farm less than a mile from the course earlier in the day.
Arizona is populated with rattlesnakes and bobcats but witnessing a standoff between the two was a rare sight for Lucky, who is a real estate agent.
The Bobcat display will include the B730 backhoe loader, one of four models in the new range of backhoe loaders for sale in MEA.
Along with the range's three other models - the B700, B750, and B780 - the Bobcat backhoe loader line offers a choice of different specifications for applications in the construction, utility, rental, roadworks, demolition, excavation, landscaping, and agriculture sectors.
Advisory Committee Member--Contributions: Bobcat has two people who serve on the Diesel Advisory Committee one of which is a graduate of the Diesel program.
Doosan and Bobcat Company have expanded their STEM education support at all levels--elementary, middle school, high school and college--through in-class participation, production facility tours and field trips, grants, and other scholarship programs,,
Also, the Bobcat is MIL-STD-810G and IP65 rated and comes with either Windows 7 or 8.1 Pro.
The adult female bobcat fed alone at the first of two carcasses fed on; this carcass was removed from the area by a coyote within two days of placement.
Bobcat diet in Ohio has remained unstudied since the bobcat began to recover after extirpation, and regional differences in food consumption patterns could help explain the observed disparity in subpopulation growth rates.
The bobcat, Lynx rufus, is considered the smallest of four species of genus Lynx, a family that includes, in the Old World, the Eurasian lynx (the largest) and the Iberian lynx of Spain and Portugal; and in North America, the Canadian lynx.