Body Cavity

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body cavity

[′bäd·ē ‚kav·əd·ē]
The peritoneal, pleural, or pericardial cavities, or the cavity of the tunica vaginalis testis.
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Body Cavity


in animals and man, the space bounded by the internal surface of the body wall. The internal organs are distributed in the body cavity. The primary body cavity does not have a wall, whereas the secondary body cavity, or coelom, is lined with sheets of epithelial mesodermal cells. In vertebrates the secondary body cavity is divided into the pericardial cavity and the abdominal cavity. In mammals, including man, the abdominal cavity is divided by the diaphragm into the thoracic cavity, which is lined with the pleura and contains the lungs, and the abdominal cavity proper, which is lined with the peritoneum and contains the digestive, excretory, and sex organs.

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They're the two long, round muscles inside the body cavity along each side of the backbone from just in front of the pelvis to near the diaphragm.
where Sini is the initial intensity value, f(x) is the intensity value reduced by the black body cavity, and g(x) is the experimental value.
You'd have to hire five or six times as many guards and expand the security area considerably to give those being searched some privacy, but if we were really determined to eliminate every threat to air travel, every suspicious body cavity could be searched.
The newer arms are much more flexible and can be manipulated within the body cavity with an even greater degree of precision."
If the womb were to travel upward in the body cavity and stay there too long, the patient could become mute.
Remove the neck and giblets from the body cavity and cook them before you're ready for to make your gravy stock.
The spider's simple heart--made up of a muscular tube with an opening on both sides--pumps bloodlike fluid into the body cavity. There, the fluid surrounds the spider's internal organs, providing the organs with oxygen.
The court held that the officer's alleged subjection of the inmate to a needlessly intrusive unclothed body cavity search in the presence of a female officer violated the Fourth Amendment, but the officer was entitled to qualified immunity because there was no clearly established right of inmates to be free from bodily exposure to officers of the opposite sex at the time of the search.
Scoop out the innards in the body cavity of the shell.
Hyperthyroidism is responsible for a number of detrimental health effects in affected animals, including decreased tissue ascorbic acid concentrations, lowered body weight, development of ascites syndrome (the uncontrolled collection of fluid in the body cavity) and even death.
The use of Krehalon's specially-developed film material, combined with Multivac's know-how in thermoforming has created a pack that can be as tight-fitting as a second skin on a wide range of products, including primal cuts, joints of meat, whole chickens (where it should be used with gassing, as a high vacuum would cause the body cavity to collapse), hams, cheese and pizza.
After a prolonged body cavity search by her father's Secret Service detail, Vice Dad says, wink wink, he didn't mean her.