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(1) An operation in forging and stamping carried out on presses and hammers to produce a hole or depression in an item by pressing a solid or hollow piercing tool or punch into the item. Piercing may also be used in preparation for subsequent hole expansion or broaching of billets on a mandrel and for preliminary marking of a through hole to be produced by subsequent punching.

(2) An operation performed with dies using a sharp-edged punch to remove the inner burr remaining in stamped objects after marking a through hole on them.

(3) An operation in the production of seamless pipe carried out on presses using a piercing tool or on piercing mills using a mandrel to obtain hollow tubing from ingots or billets.

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Those who are operators of both body piercing and tattoo should undergo rigorous training from the Municipal Health Office.
Whilst body piercing and other body modifications have increased in popularity in recent times, the practice of piercing has been commonplace in almost every society around the world and can be traced back to the Egyptian pharaohs with nipple, genital and naval piercings (1550 BC), The Kama Sutra's illustrations of genital piercings (250 AD) and to Mayan ceremonies where tongue piercings were prevalent (700 AD).
The Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is in the process of preparing a qualification, the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Body Piercing and Body Art (Tattooing), to be offered in colleges throughout the UK.
A body piercing normally takes six weeks to heal, and up to two years before the opening becomes permanent.
Regulating the visibility of tattoos and body piercing, and monitoring the casual clothing for teacher candidates, sometimes makes me feel dishonest.
Body piercing among young people has been linked with risk behaviors such as the abuse of legal and illegal substances, (1-5) risky sexual behavior, (2,5) school truancy and running away, (2) suicide ideation and attempts, (2) and delinquent behavior.
Body piercing is prohibited on those under 18 without written parental consent.
Tattooing and body piercing are far from the relatively new "fads" many Americans perceive them to be.
NEW laws to tighten up on the control of body piercing in Ulster will not work, it has been claimed.
Most states in our nation have laws on the books that either prohibit tattooing and body piercing of minors, or at least require proof of parental consent for these procedures.
THE mother of a 17-year-old boy who died from blood poisoning after having a ring put in his lip has urged all young people to "think twice" before undertaking body piercing.
Now in its third edition, this book covers infections linked to salt and freshwater activities, camping and the outdoors, gardening, contact with animals, eating, foreign travel, sports, sexually transmitted diseases, body piercing, tattooing, and trekking to high altitude.