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He and three other men were caught disturbing at least eight graves, and Baker was indicted on one felony and two misdemeanor counts of body snatching. Baker was pardoned by the governor.
Body snatching, it seems, isn't exclusive to Zimbabwe.
So human samples are of prime importance, and if anybody knows how to do a good job of body snatching they will really be serving their country.
The section "Body Snatching" ends with a group of weak or somewhat histrionic poems, two of which are noted in the acknowledgments as being lifted from his own play, Crop Circles, a reminder that performance and print are utterly diverse media, while a longer poem, "nature morte: Oh Rhetoric!," reads as an overextended piece of self-parody.
The women were optimistic: They should go into body snatching full time.
(Quakers are made to speak for all Dissenters; a clear shift from Whig to Tory subscribers is dismissed.) In two chapters Fissell places the growth of the hospital within a larger contemporary debate on charity and reveals the growing power of infirmary surgeons as "hospital-based medical education" became standard, although popular resistance to dissection led to body snatching and anatomical education on the sly.
BODY SNATCHING Rioting over theft of OAP's corpse IN the 1800s, doctors were only allowed to use the bodies of executed criminals as cadavers for their students' lectures and demonstrations, so grave robbing was rife.
In the 19th Century the inhabitants of Allesley were accused of body snatching.
You hear about haunted houses, Dracula's Dublin connections and sometimes there's even a crash course in body snatching.