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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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The hunks flaunted their hot - and not so hot - bodies in an array of costumes all teamed with boilersuits.
And will blood-spattered boilersuits EVER be in vogue?
One admits to sniffing her husband's overalls before washing them, another said ripping open the filthy poppers of her man's oily boilersuit on a Friday night is the highlight of her week.
And May, decked out in a bizarre tailored boilersuit, joined other models at Graduate Fashion Week in London to show off the results.
KEISHA Sugababe hoped no one would notice she hadn't quite worked out the mechanics of the zipper on her boilersuit.
He'd slipped into his SFA boilersuit (a converted blazer), grabbed his Safeway blame-free toolbox and set about disconnecting the electrical supply inside Levante's City of Valencia stadium.
A SWORD-WIELDING robber who held up a shop wearing face paint and an orange boilersuit was being hunted by police last night.
After months of constant television coverage, including broadcasts of Lewis walking into court wearing an orange prison boilersuit, he pleaded the charges down to obstruction of justice.
Unlike Bianca Butcher, the target of her cries won't be a half-wit mechanic in a baggy boilersuit.
They particularly want to know of sightings of the girl and a woman wearing a boilersuit between the hospital and Balloch village about two miles south of the city.
Squeezed into the passenger seat between the roll bars and strapped into a sumo wrestlersize boilersuit by a harness other seatbelts cannot reach, I watched motorsport's spectacular Race of Champions from the best vantage point of all - the cockpit.
Out would walk Mr Ruddock wearing a boilersuit tucked into his wellies and long leather gloves with elasticated tops.