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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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Both actors wittily wear boilersuit underwear to suggest nudity.
6 Peter Hitchcock takes up Wilson's remark and adds, "although Green had to dress the part in order to work on the shop floor in 1927-28 (there are photos of him in a boilersuit and the obligatory cloth cap), I have found no evidence that the workers ever mistook him for anybody else but the son of the factory owner" (5).
DEWI Power stood in front of The Red Lion, donkey jacket over orange boilersuit, helmet under his arm.
At 38, Hoy admits his conversion from king of Britain's blazing saddles to boilersuit and petrolhead is partly down to an unfulfilled obsession with speed.
MICHAELA Strachan surrendering in the war against Springwatch's midges by donning a full head-covering hairnet, making her just one orange boilersuit away from the regulation Guantanamo detainee uniform.
The gunman entered the bank wearing a white boilersuit and dust mask, shouting "Everyone get down on the floor", Mr Beedell said.
GLAMOURPUSS: Jennifer Ellison dons a boilersuit and leaves her high heels at home to give a charity a makeover
We want to change that perception - make people aware that there is a very wide range of roles within Engineering, many of them far removed from the boilersuit image.
We used it to host three Mr Real Boilersuit competitions, a hilarious night celebrating our workmen in all shapes and sizes.
I started life as an apprentice engineer with George Angus on the Coast Road, which was part of Dunlop, but after about six weeks it was, 'I really don't want to be down here in a boilersuit getting my hands dirty.
99, from Next Centre right - Silver Airtex vest top, pounds 18; white bandau top worn underneath, pounds 10, ruched trousers, pounds 38, silver belt pounds 6; sleeveless silver boilersuit, pounds 50 - all from Warehouse.