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Miss Squeers, in reply, turned very red, and thanked God that she hadn't got the bold faces of some people.
My WSO repeated the bold face to make sure we were on the same page.
Other animal pictures which impress are Sue Blackwell's large, resting leopard (pastel) and Jean Webster's bold face of a Mountain Hare (watercolour).
Burton tried to put a bold face on things, saying: "There were some sharp words said in the dressing room.
Once all bold face was recited the cadet would state, "Refer to checklist," then pull out the printed guide and talk the briefer through whatever would be required to resolve the issue or to get the airplane safely on the ground.
The problem we had was (the headline) was in bold face, and if (jurors) were even innocently looking through the paper, and it caught their attention, we have a compromised jury," Brent Boyer, one of Sellers' attorneys, told the Journal after Thursday's court hearing.
With the aircraft tow vehicle directly in front of the taxiing aircraft and multiple vehicles, ground personnel and buildings to the front and both sides of the aircraft, the AC simultaneously started a right turn to avoid the tow vehicle, and applied the applicable Bold Face steps which resulted in no noticeable stopping effects.
The collective Arab effort in the guise of the Arab League has failed to realize any softening of the mindsets among the warlords of Lebanon; Amr Musa, the Arab League secretary general, while trying to put on a bold face, lets a few gestures here and there that betray the stark reality of utter distrust among the Lebanese.
The Sedici styling includes a bold face, boasting muscular wings with flared wheel arches and a large grille flanked by a wrap-around headlamps.
AIMING to follow his very well received design of the recently launched Grande Punto, Giorgetto Giugario has also been responsible for the distinctive styling of the Sedici, a car which instantly identifies with its Fiat pedigree via a bold face, boasting muscular wings with flared wheel arches and a large grille flanked by a pair of wrap-around headlamps.
Owen tried to put a bold face on things afterwards, saying, 'Even when we were losing, we were always confident we could come through and win the game.
Index page numbers, however, are not in bold face type to indicate illustrations.