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(graphic arts)
A type that has thick heavy lines so that it has a conspicuous black appearance.
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bold font

A set of type characters that are darker and heavier than normal. A bold font implies that each character was originally designed with a heavier appearance rather than created on the fly from a normal character. See boldface attribute.

The Four Typefaces
Many fonts come in normal, bold, italic and bold italic variations.
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This criterion is used especially for evaluating middle infielders who, by and large, might be lacking in boldface but dominated defensively (think Ozzie Smith) as well in the number of All-Star selections.
The index is a combined listing of both song titles and names of composers; the latter appear in boldface. Unfortunately, there are some omissions in the index; eleven composers are not listed, and not all composers' names appear in boldface.
Experience with these more stringent F/A-18 safety emphases on boldface and administrative operations changed my perception regarding the assumed informality of naval aviation.
Lee Tillet Inc., that owns Kroma Makeup, will be given about 5 million dollars in royalties by Boldface.
We immediately discussed performing the boldface procedures for A/C FULL HOT/SMOKE/FUMES IN COCKPIT, but opted not to because holding the air conditioning switch momentarily to "Full Cold" rapidly eliminated the smell.
-- The celebrity licensing and branding company Boldface Group Inc.
"He is not a boldface name," according to a source, who added that the buyer will likely pay an additional 3 percent "flip" tax towards the co-op board's reserve fund.
Tthe Evening of Monopoly will be a major highlight of the fall networking season whereby boldface names from the real estate industry will rub elbows and dabble in a game of Monopoly with their peers alongside both current and former students of the Institute.
Within a single typeface, characters can vary in size and can be in boldface or italics.
Both acknowledgement and denial forms will now specify in boldface capital letters that the mother, the presumed father, or the alleged father can request DNA tests to settle any issues regarding the child's paternity.
The book retains its format of boldface abbreviations and acronyms followed by run-in meanings.
Her final paragraphs should be written in red boldface. I pray that someone, somewhere will discover what triggers the disease, give us some hope for preventative measures, and, if not a cure.