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bolection molding, balection, belection, bellexion, bilection, bolexion

bolection molding
A molding projecting beyond the surface of the work which it decorates, as that covering the joint between a panel and the surrounding stiles and rails; often used to conceal a joint where the joining surfaces are at different levels.
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Bolection Door's purchase in 2004 by Marshfield Door Systems has not slowed the company down.
High-tech machining solutions, offered by WMIA member companies, have given Bolection Door the flexibility to make clients' dreams come true.
According to Stuart, the large number of CNC machinery in use at Bolection has enabled the company to maintain capacity without having any inventory.
The range of equipment found in Bolection Door's two facilities--the Greensboro plant and another state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Largo, FL, which it acquired in 2007--provides the company with capabilities for manufacturing its large breadth of custom doors.
84) At Petworth, the Polidoros were placed above the full lengths, within matching bolection frames.
BOLECTION DOOR[TM] meets both desires equally well.
BOLECTION DOOR: Call 336-851-5208 or fax 888-511-5209